1. Hello Mike

    I wonder if you can help. I’m using the Graceful Sidebar Plugin (last updated yesterday) and it’s perfect for what I’m trying to do for one of my clients so thanks very much.

    The only trouble I’m having is formatting the text within the sidebar.

    At the moment I trying to insert an image and some accompanying text which contains links to other pages on the site. I’m doing this by using the visual editor for the Page content and then copying and pasting the resulting HTML into the Graceful copy panel below.

    Unfortunately the text in the sidebar looks different with an indent for the first line of each paragraph – the same html in the page editor section is (as intended) non-indented.

    I have tried creating a new class in the theme css for the sidebar and applied this to both page and sidebar but I still get the same (or rather different if you see what I mean!) results.

    Apologies if this is a wp issue (I’m a relative newcomer to editing wp!) but I just wondered if you could throw any light on the matter.

    Thanks again

    Kind Regards
    Tim Bevin-Nicholls


  2. Hi Mike

    How can I get the Graceful Sidebar to display on the categories page?

    It displays when you click on the post itself, but I really want it to display on the categories page, instead of displaying the twenty 10 theme’s right-hand margin.

    The category page in question is: http://www.anothersouthamericanblog.com/?cat=127

    It took me a while to find your plugin and absolutely love it, so thanks so much for making it available



  3. A hello.
    I really like your Perl version of detecting which device (mobile/ipad/iphone/other). Besides some cosmetic amendments (Eg, /bipadb/i ) , it works fine except for my ipad (Your https://mlynn.org/uatest/cgi-bin/mobile/index.cgi also does not recognise my ipad). Just wondering if others have found this as it is not found in the ismobile() function.
    Thanks and it would be good to chat.


  4. Hi there

    I have used the Graceful Sidebar plugin effectively on the above site.

    However the owners have added another page specifically for Blogs.

    We’re both puzzled as this new page has reverted back to the standard WP sidebar with Search box, Categories etc.

    The rest if the pages still retain their own individual sidebar content.

    I’ve tried dragging the Graceful widget away from the sidebar and dragging it back in but it’s still the same.

    We would really appreciate it if you have any thoughts on what the problem might be?

    Regards Tim


    1. Apologies for any problems associated with this bug… I truly hope to have fixed it… I just uploaded version 1.0.14 of the graceful sidebar plugin to wordpress.org/extend/plugins. Please let me know if you experience any additional issues / problems with the plugin.



  5. Hi Mike – great article and slick template for stack ranking. the link to the template seems to be broken – would you mind emailing a copy of it?
    all the best,


  6. Hi,

    Could you pls email me the project planning excel template. I have tried to download it from the link on your site but its just a zip file containing alot of xml files.


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