Thinking of running your first Marathon? Mike’s Runner’s Training Calendar is here for you!

Running a Marathon is definitely hard… no doubts about it. But if you’re like me, the more tools there are available to help you stay on pace, the easier the task becomes. Here’s one more tool to add to the list… Mike’s Training Calendar is an easy to use tool that provides some basic training plans. Simply punch in the date for the race and your runner level and the a training program displays in calendar format. When I wrote this article, there were 145 days left to prepare… if you’re on a 4 month training program and you’re a beginner, you’ve got until July 19th to start your program. Good luck! Make sure you Register early to ensure that you get a bib and a spot among the thousands of runners.

Getting Ready for The Broad Street Run

From Central High School to the Philadelphia Navy Yard the 32nd Annual Broad Street Run will be one of the fastest 10 Mile courses in the country. The elevation profile shows that the course takes you on a 307 foot drop from start to finish

This is my favorite race and although I missed it last year, I’ve committed this year and actually managed to register on the first day. The race has since closed registration as they capped the number of participants at 30,000.

To help prepare, I’ve created a training calendar specifically for this event. The training calendar presents a ten week program design specifically for the beginner runner. The calendar begins on February 21st and incorporates strength training and stretching in addition to road miles.

Runner’s Training Calendar

I love it when two of my favorite activities collide – in this article, I describe how I created a Runner’s Training Calendar using jQuery, PHP and MySQL. You can see the work in progress training calendar here.


Running long distances is something I’ve had a love-hate relationship for many years.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction you get from setting goals and achieving them – the kind of goals you set when you make a commitment to participate and complete a road race.  Whether’s its a marathon, half-marathon or even a 10 miler, the feeling is just about the same – elation.  That feeling certainly doesn’t come easy, however.  You’re constantly fighting weather, colds and that ever-present feeling of laziness.
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