Graceful Sidebar Version 1.0.12 Released!

Some kind folks commented on the wordpress extend plugin page for the Graceful Sidebar Plugin requesting support for shortcodes. Ask and ye shall receive! Version 1.0.12 has been release with support for shortcodes. Shortcodes are tags that can be incorporated in wordpress pages or posts which get translated into different content. For example, I can include a shortcode which tells me what city you live in by leveraging my WP Geocode Plugin. This plugin populates a number of shortcodes that get translated into geography based information about the reader.

Your City: [wpgc_city]
Your State: [wpgc_state_code]
Your IP: [wpgc_ip]

Gantter Project – A Great, Free Way to Manage Projects

I’ve used OpenProj for several years. It’s a nice, free alternative to MS Project. The only problem is sharing the project plans with folks – rarely do people I work with have OpenProj installed. Fortunately, OpenProj gives you the option of saving as a MS Project XML file. This makes it easier but I was still looking for the ability to save the projects in PDF format. This is possible, but only with the paid version of OpenProj. This is when I found the Gantter Project.

Gantter is written to work with Google Apps. It enables you to import MS Project project plans, save them as PDF and even save them directly to Google Docs.

For me, Google Docs and the Gantter Project work best with my custom domain – – but you can use it even if you don’t have a custom domain. Visit to find out more information about this great, free tool to help you manage your projects.

Thinking of running your first Marathon? Mike’s Runner’s Training Calendar is here for you!

Running a Marathon is definitely hard… no doubts about it. But if you’re like me, the more tools there are available to help you stay on pace, the easier the task becomes. Here’s one more tool to add to the list… Mike’s Training Calendar is an easy to use tool that provides some basic training plans. Simply punch in the date for the race and your runner level and the a training program displays in calendar format. When I wrote this article, there were 145 days left to prepare… if you’re on a 4 month training program and you’re a beginner, you’ve got until July 19th to start your program. Good luck! Make sure you Register early to ensure that you get a bib and a spot among the thousands of runners.

Graceful Sidebar Version 1.0.11 Released

I received a note today from a user of my Graceful Sidebar Plugin. He mentioned that his theme worked perfectly without the plugin in use. However, when he activated the plugin and displayed a custom sidebar for a specific page, the footer of his theme displayed incorrectly. It turns out that I had some funky logic in the plugin which cased wordpress to display an extra closing DIV tag. I’ve fixed the code and submitted the update which is available at