Projects and Payroll

This is a screenshot of a system I wrote from scratch using ExtJS, PHP and MySQL. It features a multi-company employee information, timesheet and scheduling system as well as integration with Google Maps to show geolocations of past and present projects.


  1. Hi Mike,
    I came across your posting here for an ExtJS, PHP and MySQL project for timesheet and scheduling but I didn’t see the screenshot. I’m actually trying to do a very simple timesheet/scheduling app myself and I’ve been looking for jumping off points. I know you did yours from scratch, but could you recommend some good books to get me started? I have a little experience with all three of the and I’m truly looking for a simple start to build upon.
    Thanks, D


    1. D,

      Do you mean books on ExtJS/PHP/MySQL? Yes – there’s a great book coming out from Jay Garcia, published by Manning Press called ExtJS in Action… Jay has published some of the content on his blog and it looks really great so far.

      Question for you…Would you consider using a hosted payroll/project system? I’m contemplating propping up a hosted version of the system – something like “free for under 5 employees.” Not sure if there would be big market appeal for something like this, however.



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